A Gift of Self

A volunteer is more than someone who gives of their time; it is someone who gives of themself. You don’t have to look far to find a child who could benefit from your skills and knowledge, your abilities, your experiences and your involvement in the Club. By giving of yourself, whether it be helping a child understand a math problem or just reading them a book, you are forging a relationship that will have a lasting impact on them and their future.

We are currently looking for AmeriCorps volunteers. These volunteers receive a living stipend and, upon completion of the program, will receive an educational award that goes directly towards higher education. This is normally a great opportunity for those in college but can also work for anyone 17 or older. For more information, please call Kelly Ottinger at 574.534.5933 Ext. 203.

To become a volunteer, please contact Anita Schrock, Office Manager, at aschrock@bgcgoshen.org or by phone at 574.534.5933 Ext. 207.