Construction Photos from April 3, 2017

The latest updates to our building have been pretty exciting. As you walk around the inside of our building you will see that walls are going in as well as some plumbing. This week they installed the south stairwell and are getting the teen center mezzanine ready for concrete to be poured. Since our members are currently on Spring Break they have shut down the power at the school and are connecting a new transformer on-site to get us ready for the new power service.

We will have several different contractors working in the building over the next two weeks, running electric and data as well as getting the plumbing roughed in. If you drive by the building you will see that the building is currently being wrapped and framed with insulation. They have also made a lot of progress on the school’s new gym— you can see in the pictures all the walls are up, steel rafters are in and they have started to apply the roof.  Over the next two weeks they will be installing the membrane roof system over the gym and getting the roof drain systems in order as well.

In the club portion for the next two weeks they will be working on the internal walls as well as the concrete upstairs.

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